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Becoming a National
Nanette decided to pursue the Mary Kay career path and worked as a Beauty Consultant full time. She then debuted as a Sales Director in 2002, a Senior Sales Director three months after, and an Executive Senior Sales Director after a year and a half.

The road to becoming an Independent National Sales Director is not easy for anyone and it wasn't for Nanette. She faced several obstacles before earning the title. She cites one hurdle when some Sales Directors in her area took longer to mature than the rest because they did not meet the production requirements for NIQ. But Nanette persevered to reach her dream. Aided by Mary Kay's values, Nanette finally became an NSD. "The Mary Kay values are the reason why I became an NSD. If we will only apply them, we will always prosper. It may be hard but it is the only way up. Whatever we sow in the lives of others is also what we will be reaping," she remarks.

Living the Dream
Since becoming a National, Nanette's life has changed. She has become more financially capable due to the almost 100%

increase in her paycheck She recognizes that she is a bridge to help others and is more generous in helping others. She is also more passionate to work with her offspring so that they can follow her footsteps.

Achieving NSD status made her more determined to achieve higher positions and greater rewards in the Mary Kay business. And most importantly, she has more quality time to spend with her family now than she did prior to becoming a National. Her most memorable experience as a National is the treatment accorded her.

As NSD, she says, one will always be treated in a "first class" manner - from recognition to trips. The paycheck and the luxurious trips are great bonuses in being a National. Another thing she enjoys is the inspiration and hope that she gives to more women - she glibly says, "If I have done it, they can also become an NSD like me."

As a National, Nanette still faces some obstacles as before but now works more closely with the Company in resolving differences and issues involving the Beauty Consultants objectively and fairly.

"Think bigger and see the unlimited opportunities in Mary Kay. Work your business to the fullest."
– Nanette Mission, to consultants aspiring to become NSDs