Decide What Motivates You

Drive one of the Mary Kay Pink Cars! Go to the best places in the world or wear a brilliant diamond ring! With Mary Kay, you can pick the prize of your dreams, set your goal and go for it! From the first day you start your Mary Kay business, you can begin earning profits and prizes through your product sales and continue to receive bigger rewards and bonuses, depending on your inner drive and achievements. Mary Kay Inc. offers one of the most generous rewards and recognition programs in the direct selling industry. Worldwide, the Company spends more than $50 million annually on rewards and prize incentives for the independent sales force.

Wheels of Fortune World-Class Travel Rewards Worthy of Royalty
Rewards Worthy of Royalty

At Mary Kay, we think taking a road trip in a brand-new car makes the trip a lot more fun. With the Mary Kay Career Car program, you can set your goal, earn the wheels you want and hit the road in style. Mary Kay Career Car qualifiers have been stopping traffic with their prestigious Career Cars since Mary Kay Ash awarded the first one in 1969. Since then, more than 100,000 independent sales force members worldwide have qualified for the privilege of driving a Mary Kay Career Car.

World-Class Travel

The world is a playground for Mary Kay top achievers. Each year, the Company offers luxury travel trips to exotic locations around
the globe including destinations like Bangkok, China, Greece, Sydney, Paris – practically every corner of the world.

Wheels of Fortune

Mary Kay Ash believed in lavishing women with recognition and prizes fit for royalty, and the selection gets better every year. Picture a state-of-the-art television in your living room. Or reaching into your jewelry box for a gorgeous diamond ring or pendant. If you can dream it, you can earn it through the Mary Kay rewards and recognition programs. You are limited only by your ability to believe and achieve the goals you set for yourself.